Critical Thinking Consortium

Critical Thinking Consortium

To access these resources, open an educator account at TC² using your email addressYou must create your own password when you create the account.  It will be recognized and authenticated immediately and the online resources will be unlocked.  


Mission Public School District is now a partner group with The Critical Thinking Consortium.  Mission educators have access to several free online resources and discounted print-based professional learning resources.  Free K-12 online collections include:

Tools for Thought: “An online collection of over 80 lessons adaptable for any grade and subject. Each lesson is designed to help teachers infuse critical thinking tools frequently and easily into daily instruction with the aim to develop student ability to thinkcommunicate and act.” (Note:  There is also a paper version of these lessons in the library. Please see the Teacher Librarian.)

Critical Challenges: “This collection of hundreds of classroom-proven, fully developed lesson plans helps teachers engage students in becoming better critical thinkers while learning about the content of the curriculum.”

Source Docs: “Source Docs contains two collections of source documents organized around a wide range of historical and contemporary topics. Picture Sets consists of carefully selected sets of drawings, photographs and paintings related to numerous topics in history, social studies and science. History Docs consists of carefully selected sets of primary and secondary sources, including photographs, articles, diaries, letters and textbook accounts, related to numerous topics in Canadian history.